Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Supertaster test scores revealed!

So thus far, I've tested a variety of people for tasting ability using some test strips I ordered from a science teacher supply company. Using a somewhat unscientific scale of "tell me on a scale of 1 through 10" here are the results:

non-tasters: Dana, Collier, Mom
low-normal: Mike, Stacey, Carl
high-normal: Phil, Eno
supertasters: Amy, Jeff, Scott, Dad
Because among the "normal" tasters I've noticed two different reactions (and associated numbers reported), I split it into high and low categories, but under the strict 3-category system, these would all be considered normal.

And with limited results, we've got 25% non-tasters, 42% normal tasters, and 33% supertasters. Since just two families make of almost half of those tested, I'm surprised that the numbers line up as close as they do to the overall US population. From what I've read, the overall split would be 25/50/25 or 30/50/20 depending on whose study I'm looking at.

I can only hope that we supertasters use our powers for good and not for evil. :)


Dana said...

I just hope that us 'non-tasters' don't kill ourselves by eating something we're not supposed to! I still can't get over the fact that I thought that tasted like paper.........WEIRD!!

"The" Bucia said...

I think non-tasters are by far more superior. They will try anything and not make faces, whereas the super-tasters make a face, sniff their food and wipe their plate (just in case a tomato or lettuce touched something) as soon as they sit down to eat.I can't believe your dad is a super taster. He eats anything I put in front of him except food with nuts in it, or maybe, he just puts up with my cooking.