Friday, June 26, 2009

Destroying the Earth by Digging Holes

It has been quite some time since I've been motivated to make any blog posts, since I'm, you know, busy doing actual stuff that matters.

Nevertheless, my favorite topic of stupidity is all over the news again, as Congress is preparing to vote on legislation that would regulate the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, as a way to combat global warming.

I need not go into all the detail, because you can read all my posts debunking global warming here. Still, this is so dumb that I have to add a bit of fuel to the fire.

You see, one of the last minute changes is that the carbon credit scheme will now be proposed to be overseen by the Dept. of Agriculture rather than the Environmental Protection Agency (both of which are executive branch departments that I see no authorization for in the Constitution, but I digress...)

As it's been reported, this is great news for farming states because (drum roll please), businesses who desire carbon credit can pay farmers to inject seed into the soil, rather than plow the earth, because plowing the soil releases carbon into the atmosphere.

I'm not making this up.

Apparently, digging holes contributes to global warming.

Let me say that again.

Digging holes is going to kill us all.

Whatever scientific genius discovered this has just laid the groundwork for colonization of Mars. Forget terraforming, and atmospheric alteration, and all your other SciFi methods of making the martian atmosphere livable. We can simple have one of the Mars rovers start digging up holes, and given enough time, release greenhouse gasses that trap heat and will allow for human settlements on the red planet.

That's got to be welcome news to all the NASA researchers who were almost certainly thinking of using much more complicated methods of atmospheric engineering, when a simple shovel would do the trick.

If only we could convince people that stupidity caused the brain to leak CO2, perhaps we could get Congress to voluntarily shut itself down for the good of humanity.