Friday, January 26, 2007

Kaitlyn Ready - Photographer

Today Kaitlyn's school is celebrating it's 100th day by having a "100-day" museum. Each of the kids was asked to do a project involving 100 items, and bring it in to display.

As many of you know, Kaitlyn loves to take pictures, and so she decided to take 100 pictures and bring them in to display. Amy showed her how to zoom in and out with her SLR camera, and set her loose around the house. Kaitlyn wandered around for much of the afternoon taking photos of whatever she thought was "interesting to look at."

After dinner, I downloaded the images to my laptop so I could print them out for her. Amy and I were amazed at the results (not that I'm biased or anything). It's fun to see what she likes to look at, and getting the 5-year-old-3-feet-off-the-ground-perspective is pretty neat as well. But what I was most amazed with was her choice of things to photograph. Several of these are simply patterns or macro shots that I would have never thought she'd think to photograph. Seeing her aiming and shooting with a giant SLR camera was pretty funny as well.

One of my favorites is on the page here. There's a link below to view the whole 100-photo ensemble. Keep an eye out for the cat paw print in the show, the zoom in of some plastic baby gates, and the smiley face of pool balls shot from the side. Kaitlyn was particularly proud of those.

Of course, daddy was up until 1:30am fighting the printer to get all these things to print out.

Link to Kaitlyn's 100-day Project:

Load that up, then hit the "slideshow" link in the menu to the right.


Anonymous said...

What a budding photographer!!!
I agree with you, Jeff. My favorite is the one of the sunlight and the blinds that you have posted! Interesting selections and perspectives!
Makes a grandparent proud (as usual) ! :)

Becky said...

p.s. my favorite is #85, but I'm biased of course

Dana said...

DANG! I loved the one of Hailey!

"The" Bucia said...

Some of these photos should be in the Modern Art Museum! What a good eye she has. Gives us some ideas for her upcoming birthday. GOOD JOB KAITLYN. Your dad and I think you should look to see if the one you posted can be featured in some magazine....

craig said...

i love the one of hailey too...what a great glimpse into kaitlyn's world.

Jonathan said...

Fantastic stuff! Kaitlyn has a great eye.

BTW Jeff - there are new narrow style and flash based polls available at PollDaddy which work much better in blogger. Hope you are keeping well! I hope to be in San Francisco in April - any plans to be there yourself? Regards to all the family.

Anonymous said...

Don't know any of you but Kaitlyn should be an outstanding architect someday. The textures she found are beautiful. Maybe you should sell some prints of these to pay her university. What a showcase house too - nice style!
Keep having fun and leave some engineering/history books floating around, she's a natural.