Thursday, January 04, 2007

Cowher to become next Dolphins Head Coach

Well, maybe. Actually who knows, but there has been quite a bit of rampant speculation (led by yours truly) as to who might be the next Dolphins head coach.

For those of you that don't know (which means just about everyone but me), Nick Saban, former Dolphins head coach, resigned yesterday to take a head coaching job with Alabama. This, after Saban has been denying such rumors since November. Thanks to the fine folks over at, I've had the inside scoop on this for a long time.

And now, these guys are reporting all kinds of speculation as to who might be the next coach of the Dolphins, but the good news is that all the names being floated so far are guys I'd love to have.

First up is Bill Cowher, current head coach of the Steelers. All season there has been reporting of his "retirement" after this season, even though he's got another contract season with the Steelers. However, the PFT guys are reporting that what he really wants is a big payday, which he can get by ending his tenure with the Steelers and cashing in with the highest bidder. Who can blame him either? He's done a great job with the Steelers and he doesn't get paid anywhere close to what some other coaches do. As it happens, the two coordinators of the Dolphins were both former coordinators under Cowher, so he could potentially drop right in, not have to change systems, and hit the ground running.

The second candidate is Bill Parcells. Word is the Parcells has had his fill with Jerry Jones, and I'd assume is coddling of Terrell Owens. And who can blame him for that either. So, he could be looking to move on as soon as Dallas loses a playoff game, and the Dolphins will be looking for a big name like him. PFT also reports that the GM of the Dolphins and Parcells are friends, and so that might be another good fit.

Finally, Bill Belichick of the Patriots. Strange as it may seem, there is a lot of "mystery" surrounding his contract with the Pats, and again the PFT guys can been speculating that "something is going to go down" with the Pats after the season. Rumors of some of the Pats staff headed for the Giants among them. If the organization gets blown apart, perhaps Belichick will be looking for new ground and a payday of his own.

In any case, this is at least something to keep we Dolphins fans interested in the off season. In the mean time, Go Colts! (and good luck with stopping Larry Johnson... yikes)

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