Monday, May 01, 2006

How do you say "total bust" in Spanish?

El mucho busto? Anyway, what a flop my day without an immigrant has been. I took some additional photos of the places I went but they are all basically just ordinary pictures. Not a thing was different anywhere I went, and I saw no protestors, marchers, or even hooligans.

What the heck? If the idea was to say "if there were no illigal immigrants, your life would be uneffected" then they succeeded there. I did peek into the back of Arby's and didn't see any non-english speaking latinos, and the gas station didn't have any of the latino construction force fueling up in the morning, but I had to strain to even notice that.

So what the heck - my shot at internet fame by documenting my day was el mucho busto. The only evidence I can find that something must have gone on was this snippet from the Indy Star:

And as the workday ended, more than 200 gathered for a rally at St. Mary Catholic Church just east of Downtown.
Mmmmm-kay. So besides the fact that I need to denounce my own faith for catering to the catholic hoards illegally entering the county, nothing of note happened. A few weeks ago there were 20,000 demonstrators downtown. What happened to them? I have a feeling that "a day without an immigrant" turned out to be "an immigrant vacation day". Fantástico! LOL

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