Monday, May 15, 2006

Comic relief in the form of real events...

Hawkins recently sent me over to the Media Research Center, which collects all sorts of quotes to capture the liberal bias of the press. Some are funny, some are not. This one comes from the "it's funny because you are the stupidest human I've ever heard speak" file:

Anchor Elizabeth Vargas: "In Washington, the Labor Department reported that the U.S. economy added 470,000 new jobs last month. The Bush administration was quick to claim this was good news, but is it really? We turn now to ABC’s Betsy Stark for some perspective."

Reporter Betsy Stark: "Elizabeth, this may sound like good news, but investors are terribly nervous. More jobs mean fewer people in the unemployment line, and that means unemployment offices will lay off workers. More people with money in their pockets could drive up inflation, and oil prices could soar. And more new homebuyers could mean a further expansion of this huge housing bubble, indicating a possible crash ahead. That could leave a lot of families out on the street, Elizabeth."
— ABC’s World News Tonight
Jobs are bad for the economy. ROTFL.

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