Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sin City Survived

Ames and I have returned successfully from Vegas. We did well enough that (1) we didn't hit the ATM machine at all and (2) we were satisfied even though we technically lost money. However, if you're headed to vegas, I'd recommend betting on red-32 on the roulette wheel. It didn't come up a single time while we were playing, and the odds of not getting 32 once in, say, 300 spins, is reasonably low.

Granted, unless you believe in funny math, the odds are still 1 in 38 for the next spin, but hey, I'm just sharing the information I have.

One of the highlights of the trip was seeing Penn & Teller at the Rio. Ames was very excited that she got to talk to Teller after the show (and he really can talk!) You can check out her blog for more info on that. I did get to pose for this photo with Penn, who, at 6'-6" was still a good 5-6 inches shorted than the super-tall woman we saw at the show with us. Now that's tall.

We also saw the Blue Man Group at the Venetian. This was also a good show, but we both liked Penn & Teller better. Blue Man would have been better had they played more music and dropped some (or most) of the "(fake) audience involvement" gimmickry. If I were to pretend to be a critic, I would call those aspects "cute", however they seem really out of place when compared to the drum-beats-gone-wild musical aspects of the show, which were very cool.

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Dana said...

Glad you guys had fun.........hummmmm red 32 you say?? Maybe I should go back to Vegas just to check it out!